Forma 3033 Steri-Cult 200 CO2 Incubator with RH Humidity Control

The Forma Scientific 3033 is a reliable CO2 incubator with microprocessor-controlled CO2, temperature and humidity. These units have been fully refurbished, tested and come with a warranty.  Units can be purchased ‘singly’ or a ‘double-stacked’ – additional discounts apply when purchasing multiple items.

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  • 10.5 cubic ft capacity
  • HEPA filtered air supply
  • RH humidity control
  • Time-proven infrared CO2 technology which provides precise control over the 0-20% range
  • Audible/visual alarms indicate CO2 deviations 1.0% above or below the set point
  • Dimensions: inside – 19.2w x 33H x 20.3D; outside – 40.3W x 39.5H x 26.8D for 1 unit.
  • Weight 380 lbs.
The unit is fully tested by our Technical staff and comes with a 90-DAY WARRANTY.