Amersham Pharmacia (GE) UV/Vis Ultrospec 3100 pro Spectrophotometer

The Amersham Pharmacia Ultraspec 3100 Pro spectrophotometer is a Transmission/Absorbance UV/visible spectrophotometer designed for ‘ease of use’ with ‘on-board’ preset protocols and calculators for Nucleic Acid and Protein assays, and programmable interface for other substrates, wavelength scans and enzyme kinetic protocols.  This unit is in excellent condition and has been fully tested by our scientific staff.  The unit comes with an 8-position turret and a thermal printer (as shown).  The sale includes a 90-day warranty.

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  • ‘On-board’ GLP Self-diagnostics
  • IntegralLCD display with full graphics capability
  • Preset protocols for Nucleic Acid Assays (quantification, Tm, etc.) , Protein Determination Assays (Lowery, Bradford/Bio-Rad, Absorbance
  • Progammable modes to assess:
    • Enzyme Kinetics
    • Standard Curve
    • Multiple wavelength
  • Xenon Lamp Technology with two silicon photodiode detectors
  • Photometric Range: -3.000 to 3.000 A, 0.1 to 200 %T
  • Wavelength:
    • Scanning Range: 190-900 nm (max. 3000 nm/min)
    • Accuracy: +/- 1 nm
  • Output: LCD Display, Printer, export to spreadsheet, (can be controlled by SWIFT II Software available from GE Healthcare)
  • Power: 115 Vac